Friday, April 08, 2005

v0.2d Beta

This is only a bug fix release.

Version 0.2d Beta of LastHalo fixed the bug reported by Steve Bates, ie. LastHalo would break if a user enters backslash or multiple backslashes in the 'Name' field.

v0.2d Beta now displays correctly the 'Name' and the 'Comment' field even it if contains backslashes and/or apostrophes.

Please note that what is displayed on LastHalo is exactly what the user has typed into the 'Name' field.

There are some discrepancies with Haloscan's comment window. Single backslash in the name will appear as single backslash, double backslash will appear as a SINGLE backslash.

For LastHalo, single is single; double is double.

Have a good day.

LastHalo Installation Instructions for new users.