Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Bandwidth Is Eating Me Up

I coded LastHalo, a free Haloscan sidebar that lists the recent comments for blogs that use Haloscan, and have it hosted on my own hosting account.

Monthly bandwidth of LastHalo

I launched it at late March, and as you can see on my screenshot, the free service is growing exponentially. Last month, the service ate up close to 10GB, and today, it's using up half a gig a day. I have never thought it could eat up so much bandwidth as all LastHalo sent out was only a few lines of code, with no image, no sound, no animation whatsoever. Imagine just that few lines of codes, eating up 10GB a month. That's massive.

Last month, LastHalo service got 2.5 million hits. Dividing by 30, that's 85k hits per day. Dividing further by 24, that's 3.5 thousands hits per HOUR! Just too bad that those hits are not actually visits to LastHalo's homepage but merely requests on the script. Hence, LastHalo's homepage has a Google PageRank of only 1.

If it keeps growing exponentially like it is now, I would be having problems affording the bandwidth for that anymore. I would be forced to upgrade my hosting account very soon if I do not want to shut LastHalo down. It would be sad to see a service grows so fast and then have to shut it down so fast too.

I would need some help, financially, in supporting the service. I would need about tens of USD per month to pay for my hosting and upgrade to a better one, not just more bandwidth, but also to a more reliable one. Current one keeps doing down every few days. I would hate to start charging for the service.

Can anyone of you suggest a good way of me getting some fund from LastHalo for me to support my increasing hosting fees?

Please drop a comment or you can email me (chua@uzyn.com).


Chua U-Zyn