Thursday, June 22, 2006

Advertise with LastHalo

Hi all,

It's been awhile since the last update here on this blog. All has been going well so far. We're getting more members each and everyday. Thank you so much for all your support!

As you all already know earlier, we are currently serving advertisements (so far only Google Adsense) for free LastHalo users. With the increasing membership of this free service, we would like to open this advertisement opportunity to anyone who's interested. In other words, we would be willing to serve non-Google Adsense ads on the LastHalo popup panel.

We would be opening three 460x80 pixels slots for sale on LastHalo's popup header. These slots would be displayed on a random basis, using a random number generator. Statistically, all three slots would get an equal chance to be displayed whenever the popup is loaded. By doing this, we would ensure that your advertisements would get more attention as visitor would get to possibly see different advertisements when they load the page. This advertisement space, once purchased, is all yours to explore upon. We accept all kinds of submission as the banner ad, as along as we decide that it is appropriate and unobstructive. We would still like to keep LastHalo usable for all users.

For the introductory offer, we are happy to provide this service at a special introductory rate of USD39.00 per slot per 30-day. If you choose to get all three slots (so you can capture 100% of the pageviews), we are happy to offer you all 3 slots at a discounted rate of USD110.00!

By advertising with LastHalo, your advertisement banner, when displayed, is guaranteed to be the ONLY advertisement within the popup window. This means no worries on advertising side-by-side with your competitors. As the popup gets about a few thousands pageviews per day, this would ensure that your banner would be seen by a significant amount of visitors per day. On top of that, as the banner are only displayed with user intevention (by clicking on the individual entries at the LastHalo sidebar), this would ensure that your advertiments would not be easily ignored.

Act now, before the slots are sold out!

Contact us at to place an order or for further enquiries or negotiations.