Monday, September 05, 2005

v0.4 Beta Launched: Blog Post Title Retrieval Enabled

With the addittion of the 'Blog Post Title Retrieval' feature to Haloscan's feed, I'm happy to incorporate the feature onto LastHalo.

LastHalo's user who has had the post title retrieval feature turned on on Haloscan would get see the corresponding post title pops up when mouseover a link at LastHalo's sidebar.
(For information on how to enable the feature on LastHalo, please refer to Jeevan's post on this thread.)

Here are a couple of changes for LastHalo v0.4 Beta:
  • LastHalo now displays the corresponding blog post title if a user has enabled the blog post retrieval feature on Haloscan.

  • LastHalo would automatically try to determine if a user has had the blog post retrieval turned on to prevent displaying of meaningless numerical post ID if a user has not enabled the blog post title retrieval feature.

  • The foreign language special characters should now display correctly on LastHalo's sidebar.

  • Optimization of LastHalo's code. LastHalo should now load faster than before. It now only needs a more stable server with a higher bandwidth quota to serve the increasing load.

  • User can now view the most recent post title from LastHalo's Development Blog by mousing over the "Powered by LastHalo's" link.

Thanks for supporting LastHalo.

For new users, please refer to Installation Instructions.

Attention: LastHalo's bandwidth has increased tremendously for the past few months. If the traffic continues to increase at the current rate, the author would not be able to maintain LastHalo soon solely from his own savings. Please help by donating to support LastHalo, especially if your site gets huge amount of traffic (> 500 visits per day). In exchange for your donation, the author is willing to provide the donor with a premium account when it is launched. On top of that, with the extra fundings, LastHalo would be able to be hosted on a more stable server with a higher bandwidth quota.

Please read this post for more information.