Wednesday, February 22, 2006


We are sorry to announce that all the free version of LastHalo would now be ad-supported. This is due to the rising cost of server maintainance fees which has exceeded the amount of donations we are able to get from the users.

However, in order to keep the integrity of our users' layout, the advertisements would only be shown in the popup window when the comments link are clicked, along with the full comments from haloscan. Please understand that we are trying our best to make it as unobstructive as possible.

We hope that all of you would understand and would continue to support LastHalo. Note that only clicking on the comments from the sidebar would show the advertisement along with the full comments while clicking on the comments link on the individual blog entries still would free from any LastHalo's advertisements.

However, if you have been a happy LastHalo user thus far and would like to keep your LastHalo ad-free as it has been for the past 10 months, we are happy to keep LastHalo ad-free for members who donated to help maintain the server cost. Please refer to this posting for more information.

The premium accounts of LastHalo would be launched very soon. This time we promise that it would be happening in less than two weeks. We have completed about 70% of it. Not only that they would be ad-free, users of premium account would also gain full freedom to customize the sidebar, which means you could even make LastHalo a drop-dwon menu listing the latest comments from your blog!

For the users who have donated, you would be receiving an email from us as soon as the premium section is launched so you could log into your premium accounts.

For the time being, we are still offering the premium account subscription at the special pre-launch rate of USD 8/year (usual rate after launch would be USD 12/year). So do sign up soon to obtain your premium account at a discount.

Thank you for your support on LastHalo.